Welcome to the EPL Lab

We are a systems research group at the School of Computer Science. Led by Dr. Kishore Ramachandran, our aim is to research, design and implement operating systems to support emergent applications with requirements that are data and model driven with machine in the loop and are therefore inherently more demanding.

Our work seeks to answer questions such as:

  • How can we elevate the Edge to become a peer to the Cloud?
  • What are the appropriate programming models for enabling developers to quickly and easily create applications at the Edge?
  • How should we perform Control/Data Plane Orchestration in a Fog computing environment?
  • What runtimes are best suited for enabling efficient execution of applications across Edge nodes?

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia. We collaborate extensively with colleagues from other labs specializing in Networking, Architecture at Georgia Tech.

We are always looking for passionate new students (PhD, Masters & Bachelors) to work with us!

We are grateful for funding from Georgia Tech, NSF and industry partners.


Oct 2023

Alan’s unique PhD journey is featured on GTRI news!

July 2023

Alan gets his PhD. Congratulations Dr. Alan Nussbaum

May 2023

Manasvini completes her proposal. Congratulations!

December 5-7 2022

Adam presents his work on optimizing container runtimes, Manasvini and Anirudh present ClairvoyantEdge at the Symposium of Edge Computing in Seattle.

November 10 2022

MicroEdge received the best paper award at ACM Middleware 2022!

November 7-11 2022

Jinsun and Difei present MicroEdge at ACM Middleware 2022!

August 2022

Harshit gets his PhD. Congratulations Dr. Harshit Gupta

July 2023

Andy gets his PhD. Congratulations Dr. Zhuangdi(Andy) Xu

April 2023

Enrique gets his PhD. Congratulations Dr. Enrique Saurez

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